Replacing crowns (log ends) in Grand Marais, Minnesota

YMCA Camp Menogyn is located North of Grand Marais, MN near the famed Gun Flint Trail. It’s a jewel in the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities’ youth camps and for over 90 years teens have come there to take part in canoeing, backpacking and rock climbing trips. The YMCA really values their log buildings as part of their rich history and tradition.

This project posed one main challenge – it had no road to it. It is located on the East side of West Bearskin Lake and the access point is from the West side of the lake.

Edmunds & Company is prepared to get to a job no matter what it takes. For this job, we loaded our logs and tools on to large pontoon boat and hauled them across the lake to the camp. This project involved replacing logs on six separate buildings.

The wet and warm summers (even this far north) can set up the perfect conditions for rot. The Edmunds & Company crews get excited to do these interesting and remote projects. After all, we like to have fun and do some fishing too!

The Solution

We worked with camp staff to find a way to complete the repairs that were affordable, while making sure that the necessary fixes were done to make the buildings last for another 75 years. To properly plan a project, we often meet with customers a number of times, and speak on the phone many more, so that things goes smoothly for all involved.

This is what the customer had to say once the project was complete:

Thank you so much for all the hard, quality work that you did.  Our buildings are looking great!
Director, YMCA Camp Menogyn, Grand Marais, MN

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