Logs with Checks or Cracks

Cracks in your logs can cause some serious problems. However most cracks are nothing to worry about. It is natural for wood to crack or check as it dries and this is actually part of the charm in the looks of a log home. It’s that rustic, weathered look that makes them unique.

How can you tell if checks or cracks in your log home are a problem? To ascertain whether or not the checks are a problem, consider the following:

  • Are the checks over 1/4″ wide?
  • Are they on the up or top side of the log surface?
  • Are they in vulnerable places such as around windows, doors, where a deck is attached, etc?

If the answer is “yes,” then the checks or cracks may be a problem, or become a problem in the months or years to come.

A log with upward facing checks; allowing moisture to easily enter and cause rot.

Upward facing checks can allow moisture to get into the logs. Too much moisture in a log leads to rot.

An unsightly crack in a log.

Left untreated – cracks can become unsightly and more difficult to repair.

Log with deep checks and cracks.

Checks can also cause logs to rot. Water gets in and can travel along the log and cause more damage to that log and to adjoining ones as well.

The solution: Repair cracks

  • Stuff flexible backer rod such as SOF rod into the check up to about 3/8″ from the surface.
  • Consider using painter’s tape to mask off the surface of the log to prevent caulking from smearing onto the surface of the log, creating a mess to clean up.
  • Apply a good quality, siliconized latex caulk (not pure silicon) into the check, bringing it out close, but not even with the surface of the log.
  • Skim off the excess caulking with your finger or a putty knife, making sure the caulking makes a strong, consistent contact with the top and bottom of the crack.
  • Remove tape if it was used.

For more information on chinking and caulking your log home click here.

If you don’t have the time to do this important maintenance task, have Edmunds & Company do it for you.  Contact us today. 715-373-5744

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