Mortar Chink vs. Synthetic Chink

Many older log homes have had mortar chinking installed over the years. Mortar chinking was mainly used from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. The problem with this type of chinking is twofold:


Some people are concerned about changing the “look” of their log home and want to keep it looking like it “always has”. There is a compromise possible between the aesthetics of old fashioned chinking and the better performance of modern chinking.


Today, synthetic chinking is the preferred choice in chinking material, such as Perma-Chink brand chinking. This “modern” chinking has much the same appearance as the old mortar but unlike mortar, it will seal completely and not soak up moisture, which can cause logs to rot. It does come in a grey color that has a similar look as mortar chinking.

Many times, new chinking can be applied right over the existing mortar chinking. However, when the old chinking is cracked, missing, or in bad shape, it needs to be removed first in order to have a stable surface for the new chink to adhere to. Click here for more information about chinking and caulking.