Log home chinking – Saying good bye to your log home for the season? Tips to keep those unwanted “guests” OUT!

This is the time of year when kids head back to school and ducks fly south. As we keep doing our work during this season, it is noticeable just how quite these northern lakes become in early September.

Unfortunately, just about the time when folks close down their summer cabins, move out and return home it’s the time when the pests want to move in. Bats and mice are warm-blooded creatures looking for a place to call their winter home right about now.

Both of these unwelcomed “guests” can be a particularly difficult problem in log homes. Bats inhabit the under side of soffit, fascia or gaps between the logs. On the other hand, mice are coming in low by the foundation. Both bats and mice carry disease and can cause extensive damage if they go unchecked for a period of time. And lets face it, its creepy having them roaming freely in your home.

So how do you keep them out? Sealing up the parameter of your home this time of year can help prevent this type of infestation. Any gap in the soffit (bats favorite spot) over a 1/2″ wide needs to be filled.

Here is an interesting fact: Bats need a 3′ free fall to start flying again so when they land they will always be taking this into consideration. We have seem some ingenious traps that included buckets with a bit of water in them hanging just under where the bats go into a soffit. This way when they go the “free fall”, they land in the water and die.

Mice can really do more noticeable damage than bats. They love to get into bedding, boxed food and paper products. The key with keeping mice out is sealing up the outside logs with chinking, foam or caulking and making all the things they want to eat inaccessible.

The bottom line is that the problems these pests cause can run the gamut from an annoyance to major issues. Checking your logs carefully for leaks and cracks can prevent these pests from getting in.

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