New log ends and crowns

Replacing Rotten Crowns or Log ends

The corners of log homes are common areas for problems. Replacing the crowns with care will make the exterior look brand new again.

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Log ends, or crowns, are very difficult to replace. Over the years, Edmunds & Company has perfected the craft of replacing log ends with new cedar logs scribed to fit just the way the old crowns did. We have been doing this type of work for over 40 years and take great pride in making sure that new crowns fit snuggly with existing crowns.


Replacing crowns is best left to professionals. When Edmunds & Company replaces a crown, a cut is made half way back into the intersecting wall. Once the rotten log end is removed, a new piece of kiln-dried cedar log is selected to fit the space and it’s scribed or cut it to match the existing surrounding crowns. This new crown is then fastened to the building with galvanized fasteners. Then it’s chinked or caulked to fill in any gap, making sure that no water is able to travel into the logs.

Crowns are significant parts of the aesthetic charm of log homes. Don’t let just anyone replace them if they rot. Call on professionals who do this type of log home restoration every day.