Logs Turning Dark? Your Log Home May Need Repair

Log home repair issues are sometimes tricky to figure out. Have your beautiful logs with the golden wood-tone color turned from reddish brown to dark black? This is bad news and many times this is the first thing that log home owners notice. Black logs look ugly!

Unfortunately, the appearance of the logs can be just the “tip of the iceberg” because the reason that logs turn black is from too much moisture getting into the wood. Moisture can come from many sources, mostly though, it comes from rain.

What we look for when we see darkening logs is a source of moisture.  At times the moisture is coming down in a consistent way onto the log wall due to rain. At other times, a roof valley or a drip line causes water to pool up and then it splashes up onto the logs.  While it’s important to address the underlying issues of water management – it is equally important to get the log rot taken of.

The first thing to do is assess the situation. Either take a close look yourself or if you aren’t confident that you know what to look for – have a contractor familiar with log homes take a look.

When we’re asked to inspect a log home or cabin, we look for discolored wood first and also check for soft wood. We use a small hammer or a big buck knife to tap on the logs. Based on years of experience, we can tell from the sound (usually hollow sounding) if the wood is good or if the log is rotten.

After determining the extent of the log rot, the decision is: “Do I try to tackle the repair myself or hire a contractor?  Whatever you do, don’t leave the problem to get worse. Log rot will not heal itself.

When it comes to log home repairs – we are the experts. It is all we do. We have been in the log home restoration and repair biz for over 40 years.

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