Cantilevered Decks can Cause Issues with Rot

While they are a unique accents to a log home they can also cause problems for your logs. Water is the enemy of log homes. Almost everything we do is to keep the logs dry. Keeping them dry will prevent rot.  

The image below is the typical way we see these decks built. As you can see water coming thru from above has rotted out the logs supporting the beck. BIG PROBLEM/ BEWARE!!

Water coming through decking can cause log rot

Here is another photo showing decay caused by the logs simply having a deck placed on top of them.

Rotting cantilever supports

When the rot progresses this can happen-  scary- DON’T GO OUT ON THIS DECK!

Underneath view of rotting cantilever supports

Solution:  If you look closely here we have created a “flat roof”. This involves putting down a layer of tongue and groove paneling,/heavy drip edging, and a rubber membrane. Next a floating decks and rail system is built on top of this roof we created. What we have created is simply a roof over the logs below. By doing this the problem with water coming through and the rotting log issue is greatly reduced.  

Newly refurbished cantilevered deck

Another look at a cantilevered deck that was turned into a roof.  

Closeup of cantilevered deck with roofing applied

If you need more information about why controlling water is a key to avoiding log rot, read more about common log problems that we often encounter.