Insects in Log Homes – What to Do?

“I have insects in my log home. What do I do to get rid of them?” This is a question that we hear frequently from people who contact us. The common thinking is that the insects are causing damage to the logs. Well, that’s not exactly true. There are two types of wood-boring insects that we find in log home in the Midwest: carpenter ants and powder post beetles. What we have come to know after 40 years of experience is this – these bugs often are indicators that there is rot in the logs. Decaying wood is a food and nesting source for these insects in log homes.

This video will explain what is really going on if you see signs that insects have infested your logs.

Signs of insects in log homes include holes in the logs, little piles of “sawdust” or the insects themselves. It usually is not enough to just exterminate the bugs, though that may be necessary if there is a large population of them.

If the insects are there because you have rot, what’s the solution? We specialize in replacing rotten logs. Most people contact us before the problem is too extensive. Typically, when we inspect a log home or cabin, we find that the rot does not extend into the log more than a few inches. This makes it possible to replace just the rotten part of the log by cutting out the decayed wood and fitting a half log into the space.

The first step in doing a half-log replacement is to use a chainsaw to remove the rotten wood.

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