Log Cabin Repair – Leaking around windows – what’s the solution?

We regularly get inquiries about problems people have with their log home or cabin. We’ll post some of those questions on our blog in order to reach more people with solutions to problems.

Often these leaks cause discoloration of the wood on the interior.

Question: I have a problem with leaking around one of my windows. I have caulked all around it to prevent leading but nothing I have done has solved the problem. What am I missing?

Answer: Sometimes chinking or caulking just around the window is not enough to keep moisture out.  The leak could be coming from above the window and getting behind the trim or into the space between the outer caulking and the inside of the logs.

One solution we have found is to take off the exterior trim and in these cases, we caulk directly against the window jambs. If the leaking seems to be coming in at the top of the window, it is likely that the leak is originating in the logs above the unit.

With extreme situations, all the trim needs to be removed and the entire wall chinked or caulked in combination with flashing above the header trim of the window. Click here for more information about chinking and caulking.