Log Home Refinishing – Back Brushing Stain

Log home refinishing is part of the routine maintenance necessary to keep your home’s logs in good condition. It’s the number-one line of protection for logs against potential problems with rot. A good finish provides UV protection for the logs and helps the logs shed water. When the stain starts to fail, the logs are vulnerable to problems with rot.

If you are a “Do It Yourselfer” here is an important tip if you are going to use a sprayer to apply stain to your log home or cabin: back brush the stain as you apply it. This helps push the stain into the logs evenly to create a consistent color.

The photo above is a good example of what NOT to do. This homeowner did not use back brushing to apply stain. You can see that it looks patchy. The only way to resolve this is to remove the stain and start over.

At Edmunds & Company, our procedure for applying stain to log homes is to use an airless sprayer and back brush as we go along.

When using a semi-transparent stain, we do allow for some variation in the color because that is the nature of staining wood. Different areas of the logs accept stain differently, but not to the degree in the photo above.

Blasting Off Finish and Re-staining

Here is an example of a home we stained after blasting off the old stain and treating the logs with aborate preservative before applying the stain.

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