Log siding maintenance is important

Maintaining log siding can offer similar challenges to that of a “true” log home in terms of maintenance.

There is log siding and then there is log siding. Some log siding is no thicker than conventional wood lap siding; other siding is 6-8″ thick just like true log homes. With the thinker log sidings (over 3″), it needs to be treated just like regular logs.  Why?

Any massive wood structure like logs has an inherent ability to soak up moisture.  Because of this – it is especially important that the logs breathe.

Breathability is achieved by not over-coating the surface of the logs with materials or coatings that impede the moisture’s movement from inside the log to the outside air where it can evaporate.

Log siding can and will rot just like real logs. While most times replacing log siding is less labor intensive than real logs, the risks of inaction are high.

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