Log Cabin Repair – Protecting Log Posts

Log cabin repair projects often include replacing the posts that support the decks and railings. Although we do not build decks ourselves, we will help homeowners understand how to repair their decks and how to make sure that their decks don’t damage their log cabins or homes.

Decks made of wood need protection just as your log home needs protection to prevent rot. Copper caps placed on the ends of posts and banisters on deck railings are not just attractive, they keep moisture from getting into the unprotected cut ends of the logs. This prevents rot from starting inside the posts on a deck.

The bottoms of deck posts, particular for elevated decks, are often left unprotected. During log cabin repair, you may wish to protect the ends where they touch the ground. Whenever logs are in contact with soil, rot can start, and that goes for log homes as well as decks. Click here for more information on how to keep log posts protected at their base.

Keep your deck clean by scrubbing it every year to prevent mildew from accumulating and starting rot. As part of your log cabin repair and seasonal maintenance, pay just as much attention to your deck as you do your home.

Decks add an outdoor living space to log homes and cabins, but they can also create problems. If you’re adding a deck to your log home, make sure that it’s done right. It is extremely important that decks be properly flashed to prevent water from getting between the logs and the deck itself. Log home and log cabin repair should be handled by experts. The team at Edmunds & Company has over 40 years experience in log home and log cabin repair, restoration and maintenance. Call us at 715-373-5744 for an appointment for repair or restoration of your log cabin or home.