Half blasted log home

Log Home Repair Videos

Scroll through some of our best educational log repair videos and learn from the expertise we’ve built up over the past 40 years of working on charished and historic log buildings.

Custom Shaped Cedar Cabin Logs

Ever wonder how we shape our cedar logs into logs for custom shapes for log cabins and homes?  We use an attachment for a Wood-Mizer called a Lathe-Mizer. See how it worked on a specialized project in this video.

How to Identify Rotten Logs on Your Home

Here’s a video that shows you a few tips for how to identify rotten logs on your home just by tapping on the suspect areas of your logs.

Importance of Gutters for a Log Home

It’s very important to keep proper gutters on your log home and keep them working well, no matter what type of roof you have. Here are some tips on how to avoid undue water damage on your log home walls.

Two Types of Insects Infesting Log Homes

Learn about the two main types of insects that infest log buildings, especially in the upper midwest areas of the U.S. There are distinct signs to look for around your logs.

Rot, Roof Flashing, and Insects in Logs

Learn about common causes of rotten logs, including improper roof flashing and insects that infest log homes.

High-Speed Log Home Blasting

See behind the scenes and in high-speed what it looks like to blast a log home in this time lapse video of a large log home being blasted to clean logs from decay and old stain.

Log Home Blasting Process

We have been blasting log homes for many years and have refined the process to be as effective and efficient as possible. See this video for a snapshot of how it’s done.

Process of Replacing Rotten Logs

This video describes the process we use to replace rotten logs. We specialize in log dry rot repair in and around Minnesota and Wisconsin.

How to Spot Signs of Rot on Log Siding

Some common signs of log rot and how to spot them on the exterior siding of your log home or building.

Log Rot Caused by Water Splashing

Water splashing up on logs causes rot. This video clearly shows what happens over time when water is allowed to splash up on logs and how to avoid the issue.

Log Home Blasting Explained

See company owner, Matt Edmunds, walk around a log home blasting job site and describe the components of our glass and cob blasting projects.

Close Up Log Blasting Video

See first hand what it looks like to be “the blaster”.  We have attached a GoPro camera to the end of the blast hose, and you get to see what the blaster sees.