New log ends and crowns


The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are areas we often find ourselves doing log repair and restoration of log homes.  Many times our clients tell us that they have had difficulty with finding someone to even look at their log home issues in urban and suburban areas.  Here is an interesting case study and something we don’t see every day.

When lightening strikes a log home, the logs can catch fire. In this log home located in Plymouth, MN the gas meter, located close to the house, was struck by lightening, and it did some significant damage to the logs in that corner. Thankfully, the damage was not widespread.


This was an unusual situation. The logs surrounding the gas meter were extremely charred. The damage did not go more than 50% through the logs, so we were able to cut out the damaged area of the logs rather than replacing the entire log. Edmunds & Company uses cedar half logs to “re-face” damaged or rotten logs. Even though this type of wood differs from the original wood, after these logs get stained in the spring, they will blend in with the original logs.


Matching new stain to old stain is a bit of an “art form”. Here is a before and after shot of a wall on this home. Can you tell which logs are the new ones?