New log ends and crowns


This home near White Bear Lake, MN is made out of turned or milled logs. We featured this job on our website, focusing on replacing rotten logs on this home.

When this home was constructed back in 1996, the builder did not build enough interior supporting walls to keep the walls from moving.

A down side of milled log homes is that they are often made of shorter pieces of wood to save cost and make them easy to mill. Its is for this reason that the walls tend to get under-built, which in turn makes them a little “wobbly”.

This was the case for this log home. The south wall was bulging out in the middle. The owner knew he needed someone with extensive knowledge about log home construction to tackle this problem.

Using the steel members you see in the photos we “sandwiched” the wall to make it straight again. Conveniently, this just happened to be a log wall in the kitchen and the owner took this opportunity to remodel the kitchen incorporating the supports into a new stud wall, which supports the new kitchen cabinets. Problem solved.

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