New log ends and crowns


This home was built in 1978 on Lake Minnewawa near McGregor, MN. Unfortunately, many of the logs were rotting from the inside out. The Carlson family had recognized that they had a serious problem with rot and were concerned that it would be necessary to replace two entire walls. Thankfully this was not necessary.

They liked the look of the logs on the interior and exterior and did not want the new replacement logs to stick out and look different from the original ones. They wanted to keep the place looking like it had for all those many years that they had enjoyed it.


The problem stemmed, in part, from the fact that the overhang of the roof did not extend out much at all, which left the logs more exposed to the elements. Two of the walls had considerable rot. Once we started tearing it out, it became obvious that there was significant work ahead.

In this restoration job, we replaced some of the rotten logs with half-logs, which means we “refaced” them. Other logs were rotten more than 50% through so those had to be replaced with whole logs.

Once the new logs were in place, we had to come up with the right mix of stain for them. We stained only the new logs so they would blend in with the older ones, which is not as easy as it sounds. Matching stains is one of the tricky aspects of log home restoration.

We also chinked the exterior logs, which helps protect from future problems with rot. Keeping moisture from getting into the logs and getting trapped is key to protecting them.

View this video to learn more about how we replace rotten logs.

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