New log ends and crowns


This old log home restoration in Poplar, Wisconsin is helping to preserve a bit of rich local history.

Log home restoration projects can be a labor of love for many owners. About a year and a half ago, owner Bonita Martin of Poplar, WI contacted us about moving her log home onto a new foundation in order to restore her turn-of-the-century log cabin located on the banks of the Middle River.

She wondered if this old cabin by the river could be saved and what it would take to get it into good condition. Ms. Martin turned out to be quite a “mover” herself. She worked diligently to put the many pieces into place to restore the log home that she loved, doing much of the work herself. It was enjoyable to work together with her to make it a reality.

The cabin needed lots of TLC including blasting, replacing rotten logs, staining, and chinking – LOTS of chinking.

Edmunds and Company used a dry blasting process on the logs to prepare them to accept a new finish. This process helps the logs accept the finish evenly. Next, we  replaced several rotten logs. We have the expertise to make the logs look very close to the original ones so that they will blend in well.

Ms. Martin needed some professional assistance with several aspects of this huge project. We were happy to provide technical assistance to her as she planned to move the building onto a new foundation and restore it into a fully functioning log home.

Bonita completed much of the restoration work on this project herself. It’s been really interesting to see the home transformed from a little shack by the river into a modern log home. The photos tell the story.

Edmunds & Company is proud to be part of the repair on this historic log home. Our hats go off to Bonita for her hard work. Nice job!

She is now working on the inside details of the project. We can’t wait to see how this artist puts her signature on the inside as well.

This is what the customer had to say once the project was complete:

I chose Edmunds and company because they came very highly recommended, but still, I always have a bit of trepidation when someone new shows up.Sometimes, it is the little things that make the difference.
This was the scene that eased my mind. Although it was a bit unnerving seeing four chain saws aimed at my beloved log cabin, I was so impressed that the crew lined them up so neatly.Since they automatically put that much care and artistry into that task, I knew my house was safe in their hands.
When someone stops by, we stand in the driveway and I ask, ‘Can you tell which logs were repaired or replaced?’ The person looks at the wall, looks at me, looks back at the wall, stares, and says, ‘No.’ And I have a hard time not jumping up and down as I say, ‘Isn’t that awesome? They did nine logs!’
Skilled, efficient, punctual, courteous, tidy, helpful – I am extremely pleased. Thank you all.”

Bonita Martin

If you want to collaborate on restoring a beloved log home, we are your company. We have over 40 years of experience to put towards restoring your log home into a source of pride and enjoyment for years to come.

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