New log ends and crowns


This home in Cable Wisconsin, in Bayfield County, had rot along its screen window’s log frame. Screen porches are a little different than a typical wall with windows above. When a wind driven rain comes along the water goes through the screening and makes its way onto the log on the inside and the out. This may have been a factor on why the logs on this house rotted.


In this case we had to remove all the logs on this front wall below the screen. New whole cedar logs were made to match the existing logs in finish color for the in and outside, so it looks like they were there all along.

In addition to the great appearance, the cedar logs are really what give the homeowner peace of mind. The logs we use are Western Cedar from the West coast of Canada and have a natural resistance to rot and decay. We believe in them so much, we offer a warranty against rot for 10 years.

For more about the technique of whole log replacement, take a look here.