Why Is Log Home Chinking Important

caulking around window

Log home chinking is the material used to fill the space between the logs. Sometimes it is done for aesthetic purposes, but it is also used for practical purposes. Some log homes are chinked during construction. Others end up needing to be chinked over time as logs shrink and gaps… 

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Log Home Repair When Mortar Chinking Needs to Go

These are fairly large chink lines. It takes some expertise to be able to re-chink them so they look good and create a proper seal with the logs.

Log home repair and re-chinking are services that we specialize in. There’s something  charming about  older log homes that were built with materials available at the time. When it comes to log homes, however,  just because something is “old” doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. Mortar chinking is a substance… 

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Chinking log homes

Chinking Log Homes

Chinking in some styles of log homes is done when they are built. In others, over time, it becomes necessary to keep the logs sealed from the elements. Sometime it becomes evident that chinking is necessary when you find that your log home leaks during a driving rain. The term… 

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Log home chinking – then and now

mortar chinking

By Blaise Sopiwnik Chinking is what makes a primitive log structure into a place anyone would call home.  Early in human history, dwellings of all shapes and sizes had some sort of material stuffed in between logs, rocks, or framing.  The process of chinking (sealing) in warmth and sealing out… 

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