Log Home Maintenance – Issues with Covering Up Logs with Siding

We recently received this question: “I am tired of the maintenance on my log home. Are there any problems with siding the whole house with steel siding? Like condensation under siding? I want to keep the logs inside the house.”

Our response: You are not alone in your frustration with log home maintenance. It can be a time consuming and in some cases very expensive. While I would never want to see beautiful logs get covered up with siding, I will say that it is possible to cover the logs with siding.  Having said that, there are a few things that you might want to think about.

If resale of the home is a consideration, be aware that covering up your logs with siding is most likely a drawback in a future sale.  Potential buyers and inspectors  raise lots of questions when the logs are covered up with siding.

Secondly, siding the house will create some irregular cavities between the logs that will need to be filled with insulation. If they are not fill properly, these areas may be inviting for critters like mice and bats looking for a place to live — in your walls or condensation in colder and warmer climates as you mentioned.

I recommend using something other than steel siding such as cement board or cedar, which are more breathable products. The more breathable the wall is, the less likely that you will develop problems due to moisture building up in your log walls.