New log ends and crowns

Log Cabin Re-Chinking & Repair Near Madison, Wisconsin

This chinking and repair project was located near Madison, Wisconsin. Ken and Kay Uecker were concerned about the draftiness of their log home. They wanted to make the home more cozy and energy efficient. The original chinking was cracked and falling out so it was time to tear it out and replace it.

Ken and Kay were great folks to work with and they loved telling stories about life in their sweet log home. There is a special pride that Edmunds & Company takes in restoring an old family place like this one.

Out With The Old And In With The New… Perma-Chink Brand Chinking

Once the old chink was removed, backer rod was installed where needed. Backer rod is made of foam and its purpose is to insulate the chink line and help eliminate air leaks. It also breaks the bond in the center of the line, allowing for more flexibility of the chinking material.

The home was then stained and a synthetic chinking material was installed. Edmunds & Company has had great success using the Perma-Chink brand of synthetic chinking, which is made of latex polymers. It makes a much better sealant than mortar chinking and will last much longer.

This is what Ken and Kay had to say once their project was complete:

Quality is an understatement with the Edmunds group and their high-quality restoration work. We had a plaque made stating ‘This home restored with superior craftsmanship by Barb, Blaise, Daniel, Jared, Jed, Jesse and Matt’. We would also like to add that those named above are the most wonderful people personally. Our very highest compliments to Edmunds & Company.

Ken & Kay Uecker

Tired of having your home feel drafty? Is your home showing signs of water leaking inside? Maybe it is time to consider having your logs chinked.

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