Log Home Problems: Why You Shouldn’t Paint a Log Home

Among log home problems, one of the saddest problems that we see are logs that have been painted, rather than stained. Why is this sad? Because it’s a log home problem that could easily have been prevented with just a little research.

Log Homes Need to Breathe

Log homes are different from other types of homes. The logs used to construct log homes and cabins must breathe before, during and after construction in order to remain in good condition. The right stain applied to a log home enables the logs to breathe while still offering protection against the elements.

red painted logs
Painted logs can end up looking like this. What a mess!

When latex or oil house paints are applied to log homes, they can damage the logs. In some cases, it simply creates an unattractive appearance as the paint ages. Peeling, flaking and cracking paint makes it impossible to fix without blasting and staining.

In other cases, however, the damage is more extensive. Paint layers build up over the years, sealing in moisture that causes the logs to rot. Over time the logs can deteriorate to the point that they must be completely replaced, an expensive and time-consuming process. Not only must the logs be replaced, but the log home’s exterior must be blasted and properly sealed afterwards. And all of this could have been prevented by knowing and addressing the unique needs of your log home!

Paint covering up rot on logs
The paint had been covering up underlying rot.

Our Advice to Prevent Log Home Problems

If you love log homes and cabins as much as we do, then take a few simple steps to prevent log home problems. First, understand the unique maintenance needs of log homes. Second, if your log home does develop problems, hire only log home professionals with the experience to identify and correct the problem. Log home care, maintenance and restoration requires specialized tools and skills to do the job right.

Edmunds & Company knows log homes because we specialize in restoring them We’ve been working on nothing but log homes and buildings since the 1970s. Many construction companies have a little experience in repairing log buildings. Our crews have the knowledge, skills, experience and specialized equipment to restore and maintain your log home or building. Call us at 715-373-5744 for more information.