Cleaning exterior logs

One part of routine maintenance is cleaning the exterior of the logs. Dirt, mold, or mildew on logs can lead to problems. Clean logs are healthy logs. This is an important task that should be done periodically.

The frequency depends on all sorts of factors such as:

  • How close is the home to overhanging trees and dirt paths or roads
  • Does it get grass clippings from mowing the lawn on all over them?
  • Are there cobwebs?
  • Does water splash back onto the logs when it rains?
  • Are there birds nesting in the eves and leaving behind bird droppings?

You get the picture.

The Solution

We generally clean logs with a solution using TSP or simply compressed air. It’s a wise idea to clean the logs to remove as much of the residue mentioned above. Clean logs breath better, therefore they dry out more readily. Cleaning them can help remove spores that can cause mold or mildew to develop.

Most importantly, it is necessary to clean them in preparation for applying another coat of finish or stain. This process maximizes the stain’s ability to penetrate and adhere to the wood itself.

If after cleaning the logs they still look too dark or faded, or if the surface still has loose, flaking finish on it, it may be time to consider sandblasting or cob blasting off the old finish and starting over with fresh wood. Click here to learn more about blasting log homes.

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Let us help you maintain the beauty of your log home.

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