New log ends and crowns


Repairing rotten milled logs on White Bear Lake home.

If you live in an urban or suburban area in the Twin Cities and own a log home, you are in a very exclusive club! It’s no surprise that log homes are rare in cities, yet the rarity means that those who own them are often at a loss for how to maintain or repair them when their structure is damaged. It can be hard to find a company in the Twin Cities that knows enough to trust them with repairing your own log home.

We are very pleased with the work done. They are very nice people, very efficient and professional and they did a great job!

P&H Hafner, Wayzata, MN (2013)

Log homes need maintenance and repair including finish, caulking and chinking as well structural issues such as rot.  Log homes need to be treated with the care of someone who knows what they’re doing. In the cities around Minneapolis and St. Paul, there aren’t many contractors who specialize in log home restoration, so residents may have to look a bit farther away, to the North Woods for a capable contractor such as Edmunds and Company Log Home Restorations, llc.

Our company is based in Washburn, Wisconsin, but we have a crew who lives mainly near Luck, Wisconsin.  This puts us closer to sites across Minnesota and Wisconsin where we perform restorations on log buildings of all types. We are eager to travel to the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to work on your log home.

We’ve performed log restoration projects around the Twin Cities area for years. From rotten milled log and log end replacement to restoration and refinishing for fire damaged logs, there are no limitations to the services we can deliver to the metro area.


We have some case studies of our log repair work in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area that we’ve recorded on the site over the years, and we’ve listed them here so you can see what has been done just down the road from your Twin Cities home, and not just up north.