New log ends and crowns


This cabin had been repaired in the past and some logs had previously been replaced by another company and now they were rotten again! During the inspection process, it was apparent that something major was wrong.

The first step in the restoration process was to find out exactly what was causing the rot. The cause turned out to be some unusual rooflines that allowed water to collect and concentrate on the logs and crowns, which in turn, led to the rot.

After decades of time in the log home restoration business, Edmunds & Company has seen just about every type of problem. It was clear that replacing the rotten logs was part of the solution but stopping the water from cascading down the wall was just as important.


To keep the water from flowing down the logs and rotting the replacement logs, it was recommended that a quality, heavy-duty gutter system be installed to divert the water in these areas away from the logs.

Blasting was necessary on this log home because it had a dark, thick, varnish-type of coating on it. This type of finish does not allow the logs to “breath” and this certainly contributed to the logs rotting.

After the varnish was sandblasted off, the rotten logs were repaired. Edmunds & Company uses cedar for our replacement logs because of their inherent rot-resistance. This is another step towards insuring that the logs would not need to be replaced again.

We worked with the owners of this cabin to get the project completed. Our crew did the blasting and log work and the owners stained the exterior logs themselves.

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